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'Fairground' descriptive writing pack for KS2 and 10+

Being able to write a strong description or story with accurate spelling, punctuation and grammar is a key requirement for both upper key stage 2 tests and for 10+ advanced entry exams. The 10+ exams are becoming increasingly popular with parents who are keen to give their child earlier experience of the exam process and, hopefully, secure an advanced place. This pack boosts your child's overall literacy and creativity, helping them add colour, originality, clarity and precise expression to their compositions. Included in this pack are:

  1. A useful PowerPoint film on descriptive writing and the key skills you need to excel in it.
  2. TWO tasks in one: fairground brainstormer and sensory language ideas grid activities.
  3. A colourful and varied 'Fairground vocabulary and phrases' mini-thesaurus sheet to boost vocabulary and help younger students build up sentences and descriptive phrases.
  4. A Powerpoint film focusing on how to tackle the task of describing a visit to a fairground.
  5. A sample descriptive response to inspire students.
  6. Other supporting copyright-free images which you can use for follow- up descriptive tasks.

Sample images (click to enlarge)

Sample Picture

Sample Picture

Sample Picture

Sample Picture

Fairground brainbuster overview.txt (1 KB)
Fairground ideas brainbuster and sensory language grid for planning descriptive writing.pdf (360 KB)
Fairground vocabulary bank of words and phrases.pdf (208 KB)
Final word file sample descriptive student composition.pdf (591 KB)
Final sample descriptive student composition.pdf (646 KB)
What is Descriptive Writing.mpg (184,835 KB)

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