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Full English 12 + exam practice pack : Victorian novel extract: 'A Strange Meeting'

Many of the top schools now choose to make their comprehension multiple choice, which is by no means an easy option, particularly if the extract dates from the nineteenth century. This is an ideal practice extract, as it contains a manageable amount of archaic vocabulary and a realistic spread of questions. The comprehension is ideal for multiple choice ISEB comprehension practice and for slightly older students facing the 12+ exam. The composition task is narrative and based on an image. Some elements of the writing can be connected back to the events of the comprehension but the aim is to encourage students to focus their answer by describing what is in the picture. This pack offers students challenge, a greater awareness of pre-1900 texts and a range of preparation tasks.

The pack includes:

  • 20 multiple choice questions on the extract from 'Wuthering Heights'
  • A challenging ten-mark punctuation task
  • Full set of answers to comprehension questions
  • A descriptive writing task based on an image
  • A supporting descriptive writing planner guide with sample ideas and sections to inspire students
  • An extension pack on defining Victorian vocabulary and tricky language, with detailed activities.
  • A sample narrative response with detailed feedback notes.

Sample images (click to enlarge)

Sample Picture

Sample Picture

Creative task based on image with planning support guide.pdf (251 KB)
Final Comprehension answers.pdf (205 KB)
Final HEC Wuthering Heights comprehension tasks.pdf (260 KB)
Pre-1900 comprehension extract extension vocabulary tracker.pdf (217 KB)
Sample student creative composition response with suporting guide.pdf (293 KB)

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